Theatre and Concert Club

The Club has been set up to enable members of the community to go to Theatre and other similar events. This need arose as a large section of the community was finding that the difficulties of travel to such events outweighed the benefits of the visit.   For anyone living in the villages there is no waiting but membership is also permitted from outside the immediate community, where possible. 

The Club has a management committee to organise trips to Opera, Ballet, Musicals, Orchestral, Concerts, Plays, mainly but not exclusively at the Manchester Theatres. Typically there are some 30 trips/pa to some 10 theatres.

An Annual General Meeting is held in the Memorial Hall in February/March every year:-

Olwen Watson,Membership Secretary. 015247 34624.

Please contact Olwen by phone, should you wish to become a member and/or obtain more information regarding the club.