B4RN Speed Test

Latest village property to go “live” speed test data:

Before Connection:

Download: 3.7 Mbps.

Upload: 0.36 Mbps.


Download: 899.31 Mbps.

Upload: 511.33 Mbps.


Barn Update

Priest Hutton goes live (4-11-2014)

Borwick goes live (1 Nov 2014)

Yesterday afternoon the first properties in Borwick to be connected to B4RN hyper fast broadband went live. There are now a dozen or so households enjoying gigabit speeds and contemplating the world of opportunities this gives them in computing, media and telecoms. They are now part of the best network in the world, financed and built by you and me, for the benefit of our community.
We will be doing more blowing to individual properties in both Borwick and Priest Hutton during this coming week, so more connections will become live very soon. If you have a duct to your property boundary that is still waiting to be dug in, now is the time to roll up those sleeves and get on with it. Blowing from the chamber involves a considerable set up time, so we need to get as many connections as we possible done in one session. It may be some time before the B4RN technicians can return to do any stragglers.
It’s been a long, difficult and sometimes muddy road. Many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard to make this happen.


B4RN Borwick & Priest Hutton dig by Keith Brady